Price Adjustment

Share price adjustment of 5 companies including three microfinance

Kathmandu: The share price of 5 companies has been adjusted in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE). On this day, share prices of United Insurance (UIC), First Microfinance, Forward Microfinance, Kalika Power and RSDC Laghubitta were adjusted in NEPSE.

NEPSE has adjusted the share price and fixed the new price after closing the books of these companies for the purpose of general meeting and dividend. On this day, NEPSE adjusted bonus shares of 5% of United Insurance, 19% of First Microfinance (FMDBL), 25% of Forward Microfinance, 15% of Kalika Power and 8% of RSDC Laghubitta.

After adjustment, the share price of United Insurance has remained at Rs 383.86, First Microfinance Rs 641.9, Forward Microfinance (FOWAD) Rs 1,904, Kalika Power Rs 335.13 and RSDC Laghubitta Rs 525.83.

NEPSE has adjusted the share price of these companies based on the previous day’s closing price. On the previous trading day i.e. Thursday, shares of United Insurance were trading at Rs 402, First Microfinance at Rs 762.90, Forward Microfinance at Rs 2,380, Kalika Power (KPCL) at Rs 385.40 and RSDC Laghubitta at Rs 567.90.

On Sunday, Poush 17th, the shares of these companies will be traded in the secondary market based on this adjusted price.