nic asia foneloan

NIC Asia Bank launches “NIC Asia Fone Lone” service

Kathmandu: NIC Asia Bank (NICA) has launched NIC Asia Phone Lan (NIC ASIA Foneloan) service to provide digital loans through its Mobile Banking (NIC ASIA MoBank) app. Through this service, customers will be able to avail a pre-approved loan of up to Rs 200,000 through the mobile app without any paperwork, collateral and physical presence of the bank’s branch.

With this new service, customers will be able to get loans in monthly installments from 1 month to 12 months.

Customers will be able to avail the loan service on the basis of some other conditions and criteria including salary savings account in the bank, regular transactions and no outstanding loan in this bank. In addition, the app will automatically measure the customer’s eligibility to receive the loan and determine the status of the customer receiving the loan or not and the option of the eligible customers to apply for the loan will be seen in the NIC ASIA MoBank app. If found eligible for the loan, the customer can log in NIC ASIA MoBank and tab on the NIC ASIA Foneloan icon mentioned there and complete the registration process and proceed with the loan process.

In order to gradually provide all banking services and facilities through digital medium by adopting the ‘Digital First’ strategy, this bank has been promoting the practice of self-help (Self Help) banking to enable customers to enjoy banking services from anywhere, at any time, through the NIC ASIA ProjectBank platform. According to this, customers will be able to easily avail many attractive features like their account information, account statement, money transfer, internal remittance, opening of fixed deposits, location of bank branches and ATMs, NTC Ncell top-up, utility bill payment, share application, etc.

NIC Asia Bank has a network of 359 branches, 473 ATMs, 106 extension counters and 81 branchless branches across the country.