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Bonus shares of two companies listed on NEPSE

Kathmandu: Bonus shares of two companies have been listed in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE). On Friday, the bonus shares of Himalayan Bank (HBL) and Radhi Bidyut Company Ltd (RADHI) were listed on NEPSE.

This is 2.93 times more than the 22 lakh 64 thousand 655 shares issued to the general public. 1 crore 3 lakh 74 thousand 980.58 bonus shares of Himalayan Bank have been listed in NEPSE. The bank had distributed 8 percent bonus shares from the profit of the last fiscal year. The bonus shares were listed on NEPSE on Friday.

Similarly, 7 lakh 59 thousand 990.842 shares of Radhi Bidyut Company Ltd (RADHI) are also listed in NEPSE. The company had distributed 4.75 percent bonus shares to the shareholders from the profits of the last financial year.

The bonus shares of both the companies listed in NEPSE can be bought and sold in the secondary market after they are credited to the demat account of the respective shareholders.